Machinery Manufacturing Trends to Informatization

Manufacturing information on the mechanical role in promoting industrial development largely reflected in the four levels£ºFirst, products, information technology, and through the integration of advanced manufacturing technology, the traditional mechanical products into information, computer, laser and other high-tech, making mechanical and electrical integration products, integrated products of modern technology, enabling product enhancements , raise the level of intelligence to meet the information age requirements of mechanical products; Second, the design, manufacturing process automation and intelligence, greatly shorten the design cycle, improve the success rate of design, design costs, faster market response, the manufacturing process automation, intelligent and improve product quality and consistency, labor strength reduction; Third, at the enterprise level, the company’s various information integration, the formation of the sharing of resources, improve enterprise management level, efficiency, economic efficiency, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises; Fourth, enterprises realize the interconnection of information, so that shared resources of different enterprises, dramatically changing the machinery of industrial organization, development, production and business model, reduce duplication and waste of resources to adapt to economic globalization and the Internet of the requirements, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.



Information to the organizational structure of manufacturing enterprises may be a straight line from the original functions of the system into a flat pyramid organization of the network organization. Such as manufacturing, jaw crusher, ball mill energy has entered the information mode of production, greatly improved its functionality and usability, and mining machinery manufacturing industry to meet its needs.Planned economic system, is a manufacturing company is only responsible for the production of basic economic organization, but also a ‘large’, ‘small’ mode of production, business and even assumed the social functions, R & D capabilities weak, sales sectors of the weak, and relatively large processing capacity, organizational structure, like olives, two small, the middle. In a market economy, enterprises have become the main market, the need to strengthen research and development and sales management, and the middle part of the processing can take advantage of the processing capacity of the community, organizational structure, such as dumbbells, two strong, the middle sperm. Information to the organizational structure from the ‘olive’ to ‘dumbbell’ change is possible.



Information technology also enables manufacturers to a fundamental change in production mode. Lean and agile manufacturing, concurrent engineering, mass customization, and so the endless mode of production, there were the result of birth information. E-commerce, supply chain management, manufacturing and so the network can not do without information technology, it is also the information associated with the new production organization to continuously improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, rising to a new level, can continue to meet the user’s individual requirements.

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Lia Jones works at a company of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery in Zhengzhou of Henan provance in China. The company is a joint-stock mining machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing. It is located at the High & New Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou,China with an area of 50 thousand m2 which includes 15,000 m2 of standard heavy duty industrial workshop. Equipments are more than 160 pieces, including large and medium sized metal processing, riveting and installing equipments.

Discuss Industry Trends Crusher

China Jaw Crusher history of the development section, after a long practice requires appeared jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, impact-type third-generation Sand and Sand.
Eighties of last century’s machinery industry is still in the low period, when economic development is at a relatively steady state, are catching up with the development of China’s economy flat, in general machinery industry has a cyclical development, generally Ten years is a cycle, the compliance with the order is from the early development of the industry gradually to the peak periods of peak period is over, and gradually the low period of the machinery industry. This development cycle is always the same, and it is not change.

Jaw Crusher and economic development of the industry is closely related to the chain. China’s economic development since the eighties from the beginning to the momentum of rapid development of open, no matter which industry, including highway construction in China’s railway construction, and real estate development, mining, water industry in the rapid development, with their promote the development of an economic industrial chain, repair to highway use of cement, gravel, sand, etc., which ushered in the mining, sand and gravel industry, the rapid development of the peak, while the production of sand and gravel mining and use to broken equipment, broken machinery so that the gradual development of the industry into the peak.

PE compound pendulum jaw crusher series dealing with the compressive strength of not more than 250Mpa function of the ore or rock, with a broken ratio, product size uniformity, low power consumption and easy maintenance. Metallurgy, mining, building materials, transportation, machinery and other industries ideal crushing equipment.
PEX crushing crusher for mining, transportation, building materials, quarrying, cement and other industries to provide new energy efficient crushing equipment. High yield, crushing ratio, the small particle size, uniform, smooth and so on.

Jaw Crusher development of the industry and to promote the development of steel industry accelerated the development of each industry are closely related with the industrial chain. In the crushing machinery industry entered its peak, crusher market is also very, very hot, because at the time, local government departments on the supervision of mining is not large, some private individuals to see the huge profits of mining mining industry. So at that time almost overnight, the local small-scale mining plant are to take out, so the sale of mining equipment at the time the form is very hot, resulting in a situation of short supply of mining equipment industry, situation, or even customers to the plant inside, as long as I saw a device, immediately to buy back the production, do not care about the quality of work product. So that is the crusher peak of development of the industry, but also the peak mining industry. However, the peak period in the machinery industry, the problems are caused by many, not just the enterprise itself, as well as government departments at all levels of management in a loose state. So whether the development is low during the peak period, we still have to look long-term release.

PE jaw crusher
jaw crusher
Jaw Crusher

Health Food Consumption Survey Showed Four Major Trends In Publishing Industry

Recently, the Union of China released

Health Products Consumer Behavior Analysis Report of activities. Adoption of the report on the consumption of health food industry, consumer groups, consumer demand for the release of data on consumer behavior characteristics, reflecting

Health Products Industry will present the future development of diverse consumer groups, health care products sales model franchise, advocacy and health care products introduce new models into four major trends in daily consumption.

9 20, by the China Health Care Association, the Union of China, Health Times, and of the 36 key news website co-sponsored “You know how to choose the right health care products,” consumer behavior of large health care products was officially launched investigations, as of October 20th, 2008 activities come to an end, has aroused widespread concern and attracted the active participation of many consumers, the number of participants up to 284,850 people. From the perspective of people participating in the survey, 87.1% of the men involved in the activities, while only 12.9% of women participated in the survey, in fact, with the male population on the health products market, more and more attention from their behavior consumer market for health products also have a major impact.

The same time, survey data also showed that 81.87 percent of consumers say they can try for free lectures on topics of health, learn how to choose health products and other knowledge. 13.78% of consumers expressed a similar need for lectures, very welcome. Can be seen that more than 95% of consumers of health knowledge lecture could accept, indicating that as the pressure of constantly increasing, more and more people pay more attention to their health, their need practical services to improve their their own level of health awareness.

China Health Care Association, told reporters the Secretary-General Xu Huafeng, health care products market development in recent years during the peak phase and period of adjustment after the transition, the development of the industry is rapidly changing. Consumer health care products market was diversified group is the development of groups of young men have gradually entered the consumer market health care products. With the continuous improvement of people’s consumption level, and the rapid development of the health care industry, consumer groups in the future the market will show diverse trends. Meanwhile, with public health knowledge, and knowledge of health care products to increase demand for degrees. Single advertising sales will not meet consumer demand gradually the degree of health knowledge and talks like a new marketing model innovation and development of health-care industry is another inevitable trend.

Industry also stressed that with the improvement of living standards, China’s urban residents are gradually raise health awareness, will certainly make the public become increasingly concerned about their own health. Public demand for health products in the future there will be more rapid growth. And with the public acceptance of health enhancement products, health products will gradually develop into the daily consumer health care products, into the daily life of consumers, health care products will show a daily consumption trends.

In addition, the main consumers buy from the current channel view, 45.65 percent of the consumers to purchase health care products where large drug stores, to supermarkets accounted for 43.03% counter purchase, and consumers choose to buy factory store accounting for 7.12%. Not hard to see from the data, the main choice of consumers and supermarkets of large pharmacy counter to purchase health care products is valued sales professional health care products, consumer trust and secure place of consumption. And fixed, professional health care products specialty stores, can give consumers a strong sense of trust, consumer health care products meet the expectations of credibility.

Industry experts, health care products for specialty stores, the only sales of health food special attributes, so the sale is bound to the daily care and a variety of health products in-depth understanding. Therefore, consumers in the process of purchasing products, while also consulting to vendors and health-care knowledge and knowledge of health care products not only meet their needs for science and choose the purpose of health food, but also get free health care knowledge professional counseling. Therefore, the future development of the health care industry, health care products sales franchise will become the inevitable trend of development.

Investigation co-chairman of the board side of Green Century Jiang Hongwei told reporters, with the consumer health care products market in the spotlight, health care products industry will certainly continue to produce new changes, the industry development in the future through continuous change to meet consumer demand, creating huge space industry’s future development.

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An Industrial engineer adds value to the product

Whatever may be the type of product, the consumers are not satisfied with static kind of design. They want newer, more affordable and better looking products than what are in use. They always look for something new. This nature of customers has brought in a continuous change in product design. Take the case of automobiles, in which new models are launched within short intervals to remain in the market with more market share. This is a difficult but a creative activity. This is the job of an industrial engineer. Industrial engineer is an innovative and professionally qualified person. He has all the merit to do something new with a minimum alteration in the basic design of the product. Industrial engineer optimizes the entire parameter with little cost involvement and add more attractive look to the product.  To make such changes, apart from engineering knowledge, an industrial engineer needs to have some kind of interaction with the consumer and company management as well, to get his idea materialized.

Proper implementation of such concept enhances its appearance and creates better value for the product. In industrial design, both product manufacturer and the buyers are benefited. The product becomes more responsive to the market. Product marketing also becomes easier. The manufacturer is gained by the profitability of the product and the consumers benefit from the innovative use of items. Industrial engineers mainly work with the human aspect of the product, instead of manufacturing it.  An industrial engineer carries out lots of research and analyzes various kinds of data for specific innovation. They even optimize the cost by manipulating the color and form. It is because, she/he looks for different alternatives before making the final choice. She/he also works on the environmental issues. He makes sure that it is safe for environment and for the people who are going to use it. Aesthetic aspect plays a very import role in product design. Without changing the basic mechanism of the product, simply by improving the aesthetic, an industrial engineer is capable enough to establish significant market growth.

The job of an industrial engineer is as such hard because, they need to take care of lots of thing within a limited scope. Cost escalation is not encouraged yet, it is expected to increase market potentiality. Both the aspects need to be addressed by an industrial engineer. Industrial design is an integral application of science and arts to benefit the users and the manufacturer. It adds value to the product without much expense. The business houses today spend a lot of money on industrial design to create the world’s best product. This ultimately increases the market share and substantially increases its profitability. It is the demand of the day to give importance to an Industrial Engineering Company.

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Extreme Engineering

Extreme engineering develop, design and analyze Heat exchangers, Done FEA analysis of pressure vessels and Heat exchanger, pressure vessels design also done by Extreme engineering and hence we are the best Heat exchanger design & Engineering company

Heat exchanger design by extreme engineering is best of all because we design the heat exchanger as per thermal and ASME code and we provides that code along with shop drawing for configuration of different types of heat exchanger i.e. shell and tube heat exchanger.

Extreme engineering offers FEA of pressure vessel and FEA of Heat exchanger. Finite element analysis of pressure vessel and heat exchanger by extreme engineering give actuate calculation for further design. Pressure vessel Analysis are the air tight container which is used to carry or store or hold the processed liquid/fluid, gases at required pressure which are further used in the processes of industries, petroleum, chemical plant and refinery. Finite element analysis of components is necessary to find out the stress and exact behavior of component at different conditions. Heat exchanger are the devices which are used to transfer the efficient heat transfer from one medium to other hence FEA of heat exchanger is necessary to predict or to find out the temperature distribution and it also helps to designing the heat exchanger with complex flow arrangement.

Heat exchanger analysis include FEA analysis of heat exchanger and heat exchanger material, material selection for the same, thermal design of tube and shell type of heat exchanger, calculations as per ASME Section VIII Div1, TEMA Standards & API 660 of all TEMA   Type & Class (BEM, NEN, AEU, BEL, AEL, AES, BKU,BFU etc.) for the heat exchanger design.

Pressure vessel is used to store or hold the processed fluid, liquid or gases at required pressure so that pressure vessel is designed with very high skill. They are many types of pressure vessels are used for the processed out of this thin-walled pressure vessel, cylindrical pressure vessels, spherical pressure vessels are most commonly used pressure vessels.

Extreme engineering deals with wide range of design and engineering services for various industries. we provides services for thermal design, mechanical design and special analytic such as FEA analytic we also provides best material selections for instruments and components and provides shop drawings.

On the 30+ years experience base Extreme engineering handled a complex and large projects. Day by day we improve our self and placed our self on a top position amongst all.we having experience to worke with manufacturing and counsulting companies.

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Career in Textile Engineering: Textile Engineering Courses & Colleges


The textile industry is in the phase of revolutionary automation and modernization in India. The engineers graduated in textile engineering are equipped with the knowledge of the textile materials, machinery in textile and characteristics of different textile and technologies or clothing. Textile Engineering handles with the application of engineering and scientific principles to the design and controls all the aspects of textile, apparel processes, fiber, machinery and principles of different products. These include man-made materials, natural materials, safety and health, interaction of materials with machines, waste and pollution control and energy conservation.

Job Prospects for Textile Engineers

Textile engineers can find jobs in departments of textile plants and firms varying from big scale to small scale such as quality control, production, planning, marketing or sales, in domestic or foreign companies for textile machinery and products, which are concentrated in various regions of the country. There are two main textile sectors in India one is handloom sector this is considered as unorganized one and another is mechanized sector which is considered as the organized sector. Both of them are likely to offer full growth and potential for the qualified people. Considerably there are thousands of textile industries all across the nation.

Candidates who are graduates in textile chemistry can find professional opportunities in finishing and dyeing, research and development, technical services, product development, quality control, environmental control and polymer science. Many graduates of the textile management program enter in management trainee programs for the start and it can ultimately lead to corporate management or plant management.

Other job opportunities which are available are industrial engineering, technical sales, marketing, customer relations, product development, cost, human resources and inventory control. So one who has completed the degree in Textile Engineering can find opportunities such as:

· Quality control supervisor

· Process engineer

· Operations Trainee

· Technical Services/Sales Manager

· Medical Textiles Engineer

· Process Improvement Engineer

Eligibility for Textile Engineering Courses in India

Students who want to pursue textile engineering at Bachelors level need to complete (10+2) from any recognized board and they can pursue B.Tech or B.E courses. After Bachelors degree one can pursue Masters degree or they can pursue specialize diploma or certificate courses. Short term courses are also available for students who have completed Bachelors in textile engineering. Apart from the learning different practical subjects students can gain the experience in plant layout and design, wet process design, machine, designing and creative textile products. Throughout the textile engineering programme, students can take classes from other engineering courses as well which includes Chemical, Mechanical, Industrial, Materials and other engineering departments. Four available textile engineering programs are:

· Information Systems Design

· Textile Product Engineering

· Chemical Processing

· Machine Design

Courses in accounting, management, economics, computers and marketing are coordinated with textile courses they are related to manage people and processing in the textile, fiber, apparel industries and carpet. Optional courses provide the opportunity to focus on particular aspects of the business such as apparel manufacturing or marketing.

Top Engineering Colleges of India Providing Textile Engineering are:

· College of Technology and Agriculture, Udaipur

· Bapatala Engineering College, Bapatala

· College of Engineering and Technology, Chandrapura, Bangalore

· Dr. S George Institute of Engineering, Prakasam

· Sri Vaishava Institute of Technology, PO Palia, Indore

· Government Central Textile Institute, Kanpur.

· Osmania University, University College of Engineering, Hyderabad

· IIT Delhi

Specialization Subjects for Textile Engineering in India

· Textile chemical technology: this subject is specialized with the unique and innovative solutions of present and future textile wet processing opportunities.

· Fibre Science Technology deals with polymer and fibres research, it helps in developing new fibres and tries to increase the productive capacity.

· Technical Textile are the terms provided to textile materials manufactures for non-aesthetic purposes here functioning is the primary criteria. These comprise textile arrangement for medical textiles, automotive applications, protective clothing, agro textiles, and spacesuits. 

· Computer Application in Textile helps the textile engineers to design different products with the help of computers and other latest technologies.  



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Lecture 1 (2014-02-05) Introduction: Course Information. Definition of the word “Process”. Study recommendation: Read lecture notes, comments on Quiz 1 (when available). Keywords to remember:…

Sports Hospitality

The best Sports Hospitality for corporate clients Where’s the best venue to take your business buddies? Before you buy Hospitality Tickets spare a moment or two to think about the options that are available. Will there be a mix of male and female guests that you intend to provide Sports Hospitality for? If so, would somewhere like Wimbledon or Royal Ascot, be more suitable for the party? A totally male football mad clientele might prefer Sports Hospitality to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United play, or Stamford Bridge if they like the blue of Chelsea. Choice is vast when you search for Sports Hospitality. Packages are available to suit all corporate needs. Hear the roar Sit in the terraces at Twickenham as England take on the All Blacks at the next Internationals. Wine and dine your guests with Sports Hospitality and make sure they have a fabulous time. Provide your hard working employees with Hospitality Tickets to some of the most memorable moments of the sporting calendar. They could see Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button speed to victory at the British Grand Prix or watch the best of the golfing action at the Ryder Cup with Sports Hospitality services. The Sports Hospitality packages can be tailored for your individual needs and they run throughout the year. Entertain clients on Sports Hospitality packages and see how great they can be for business relationships. And they’re off The champagne is flowing, the conversation is lively and your Sports Hospitality is proving to be a big hit. A day at the races is the venue this time but you’ve enjoyed countless other occasions in the past. With so much choice available you can switch and swap the Sports Hospitality so your clients enjoy a different experience each time. One year it can be a day watching yacht racing in Cowes, the next it can be Hospitality Tickets to witness England win the football World Cup (we wish!). Whether your clients enjoy motor racing or prefer a spot of cricket, Sports Hospitality packages can be tailored to suit their personal preferences. Reward your workers with the finest Sports Hospitality; they’ll appreciate your kind gesture. provides corporate hospitality and ticket only packages to all sporting and cultural events in the UK and overseas; visits our site for more info on Sports Hospitality and Hospitality Tickets .

PLC Engineering

The abbreviation PLC stands for programmable logic controller. It is used to automate any electromechanical process. The PLC is designed as a compatible input and output device suitable for extended temperature ranges. It is resistant to electrical noise, vibration and impact.

The PLC applications are highly customized systems. The Programs to control machine operations are stored in a battery which is backed by a non-volatile memory expressing the desired sequence of operations. The cost of developing and maintaining any automation system is high. For instance amusement rides, transit busses and metros, lighting fixtures and dishwashers are controlled by electro-mechanical controllers. The machinery in a factory working on assembly lines is also automatically controlled.

Today PLC has been integrated in household devices for reporting power consumption status. The PLC network helps power companies and ordinary users to properly manage power consumption. The complicated process controls as in the chemical industry require algorithms and performance beyond the capability of high-performance PLCs. The programmable controllers are used in motion, positioning and torque control. The high-speed precision controls are also required to customize complicated solutions for aircraft flight controls. Some manufacturers make motion control units integrated with PLCs so that this CNC- computer numerical control machine is used to instruct the process.

In modern CNC systems, the component design is highly automated using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. These programs are used to extract the commands required to operate a machine via a post processor. It is then loaded into the CNC machines. Recently different machines are used with an external controlling operator that moves the component from one machine to the other.

A proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller) is the most commonly used feedback controller. It calculates an “error” value as the difference between a measured process variable and a desired set point. The controller attempts to minimize the error by adjusting the process control inputs via a control element. A PID loop is used to control the temperature of a manufacturing process. The position of a control valve or the power supply of a heating element involves the use of PIP controller.

Some processes require thousands of loops are on a distributed control system (DCS). Today PLCs have become more powerful and similar to Remote Terminal Units –RTU. It usually does not support control algorithm loops. As hardware is becoming more powerful and cheaper in industrial automation, RTUs, PLCs and DCSs are beginning to overlap in function.

Today, Ethernet adapters use PLC as a Power line communication Technology to have easy plug and installation on electrical outlets in any room. This technology becomes perfect when many houses are equipped with multiple digital devices. Here the entertainment centers share the same multimedia files among themselves. Today the Engineers prefer the development of PLC over wireless transmissions. It enables the reception of signals in different rooms. Thus in future we see PLCs engineering services becoming the central nervous system for information integrating electricity, networking and multimedia technology.

Many companies which provide engineering services use PLC engineering. This technology can be efficiently used. Companies like can help with similar technologies and solutions for batch and industrial automation.

Popular Engineering Courses in India: Automobile Engineering

The automobile industry in India has shown rapid growth in last few decades and opportunities in this field are expected to grow more with recent innovations in products and new inventions. Qualified youngsters may expect to get more professional opportunities in this industry. It comprises manufacturing of two wheelers, cars, passenger cards, tractors, trucks, buses and defence vehicles. This industry of Automobile Engineering is sub-divided into manufacturing of cars and other heavy vehicles. Graduates in automobile industry can find professional opportunities with large size firms as companies are likely to hire skilled and trained people for manufacturing of automobile products.

What After Completing Automobile Engineering Courses in India—Opportunities in Automobile Industry (India)

Presently, India is well recognized as a prospective rising automobile marketplace and career opportunities in this industry are also likely to rise. Different foreign companies are likely to invest with the automobile industry of India, as India is coming up as a major marketplace for manufacturing three wheelers and two wheelers. India is also considered as the home for many multinational automobile companies. Students who have successfully completed graduation in automobile or mechanical engineering are entitled to get good jobs with multinational firms.

Overview of Automobile Engineering Jobs in India

Students can find many job probabilities after completing bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering. They can also pursue IT diploma or certificate courses. However, most of the automobile companies tend to demand trained and experienced people only. Polytechnic and engineering colleges in India are providing specialize automobile engineering courses for students who have completed 12th examination with subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Many IT companies in India tend to hire fresh graduates and provide professional training in companies itself so IT graduates can find job opportunities with them. As many foreign automobile industries are establishing in India such as Volkswagen, Renault and Audi etc. so scope in this industry is tend to increase and more and more candidates are expecting to build their career in IT sector.

Top Automobile Companies in India

India is becoming a house to various well-established automobile firms. They are likely to offer good professional opportunities to skilled and trained professional from automobile sector.

Most Popular Automobile Companies in India are:

• Toyota

• Tata

• Ford

• Mahindra & Mahindra

• Honda

• Fiat

• Kinetic

Where to do Automobile Engineering in India?

Automobile Engineering can be done from any of the top engineering institutes in India, including many of the leading technical universities in various states of India. Many of the famous engineering colleges in India offering Automobile Engineering are concentrated in the metropolitan cities like Delhi and Chennai. However, many other state-based engineering colleges or regional colleges in India too offer Automobile Engineering.

Top Automobile Engineering Colleges in Delhi Include:

• College of Applied Science for Women, University of Delhi—New Delhi

• IPWE (India)—New Delhi

• Government Women’s Polytechnic—New Delhi

• Pusa Polytechnic—New Delhi


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Pursuing Computer Engineering Courses in India

Computer industry is considered as the fastest growing segments in modern era of Information Technology. Because of this reason large number of professional opportunities for computer engineers is arising and lots of youngsters can find career opportunities in this field. New hardware, software, communication equipments are coming into the existence everyday and importance of computer engineering is tend to increase with this change.

Understand Basics of Computer Engineering Courses in India

Computer Engineering involves testing and designing of computer elements. It is one branch of Engineering where students study about computer and electrical engineering and combine the principles of two for developing and designing new products in field of computers. Students who are undertaking computer engineering courses can find good professional opportunities in field of computer hardware and software. Computer engineers are people who apply their skills and knowledge of mathematics and science doing some creative and constructive work in different IT projects.

Skills & Attributes Required for Pursuing Computer Engineering Courses

Software engineers must have strong programming and developing skills so that they can design various kinds of software in fields such as computer games, business applications, word processing, operating systems and networking. Computer hardware engineers need skills like testing, research, manufacturing, designing, and installation of different computer devices such as circuit boards, computer chips, and other related equipments. Job of computer engineers is very much similar to the electrical engineer but the only difference is their exclusive knowledge about the computers and its components. A person can become good computer engineer if he/she can blend software and hardware knowledge well to best products.

Profession Scenario after Completing Computer Engineering Courses from Top IT Colleges Students who have completed their bachelor degree in B. Tech/B.E in computer engineering can find good jobs in India. This industry is considered as the fastest growing industry these days. Designing, programming, analysis and system study are most important fields where students can find good opportunities to shape their career after graduation in computer engineering. Computer engineers can also find professional opportunities with the companies who are providing hardware or software solutions to IT sector. People who are skilled professionals in testing and formulating the computer equipments are likely to get more employment opportunities.

Computer Engineering Graduates Can Expect a Brilliant Future

People who have completed graduation in computer engineering from top engineering colleges in India and have good communication skills can find more employment options. Along with the degree in computer engineering courses a person also need good knowledge about the latest and modern software’s. Students from computer engineering colleges can find jobs with IT and software companies of India. Computer Engineering aspirants can also search employment opportunities in different environments such as universities, public and private industries, research sector, government departments, commercial organizations, business organizations, and in manufacturing sector of IT.

Top Computer Engineering Colleges in Delhi:

• Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology Azad Hind Fauj, New Delhi

• Faculty of Engineering & Technology Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

• Engineering College for Women, State Government of Delhi G.B. Pant Polytechnic Campus, New Delhi

• Amity School of Engineering & Technology Bijwasan, New Delhi

• Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, New Delhi

• Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, New Delhi


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